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As a homeowner in Findlay, Ohio, you are no stranger to the annual weather extremities. In particular, you know how heavy springtime thunderstorms and potential tornadoes can wreak havoc on the roof of a house.

That’s when working with a trusted roofing company Findlay Ohio can help your roof fight inclement weather conditions. As the roof is one of your home’s largest and most vulnerable components, our experienced roofers can strengthen the structure.

The highly skilled contractors at Roszman Roofing & Remodeling, your Northwest Ohio roofing experts, have the technical knowledge and tools your home needs to withstand these forces of nature.

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Common Spring Roof Issues Your Roofing Company Findlay Ohio Can Resolve

Spring is a vital period to repair any problems that your roof may face while it recovers from winter issues. Your roofing contractor Findlay Ohio can improve the rooftop health damaged due to the following complaints and more:

Curling Shingles

Freezing weather can cause the shingles to split and warp around the edges. With timely service from roofing company Findlay Ohio, you can prevent shingles from becoming loose or coming off, leading to water penetration.

Trapped Moisture

During springtime, new plant growth is in full swing, and yet, older leaves and debris may be trapped on the rooftop. In addition to winter weather, winds, and ice, spring rainstorms can also trap moisture on the roof.

Displaced Sealants

Many delicate roofing materials can contract and expand with temperature changes, causing the sealants to become brittle and crack. As a result, the flashing remains exposed and poses a high risk of roof leaks.

Cracked Membranes

Prolonged exposure to moisture and rapid changes in weather can damage the roofing membranes and underlayment. Rainstorms occurring in spring can further exploit this situation and decrease the roof’s structural integrity.

Pest Infestation

As insects, birds, and animals come out of hibernation, your roof makes for an attractive nesting option for them. Bring in your roofing company Findlay Ohio before pests take shelter on your rooftop and fill it with filth.

10 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Springtime Storms in Findlay Ohio

As an established roofing contractor Findlay Ohio, we have worked on several distressed roofs after the springtime storms. The best way to avoid significant losses is to act early and prepare your roof for Findlay storms.

Moreover, our expertise is not limited to the roof itself, but we evaluate the property for potential issues ready to crop up and offer solutions to prevent them.

1. Trim Large Tree Branches and Bushes

No matter how regularly you trim and prune the bushes and trees on your premises, spring is the time to call the experts. The licensed staff at roofing company Findlay Ohio take adequate safety measures while climbing up the roof so that the windows, siding, attic, etc., are undamaged. With years of experience, our roofers can easily cut down large and broken branches.

2. Remove all Debris

Whether it is moss, dry leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other organic or inorganic matter on the roof, the gutters can get clogged. Excess moisture buildup damages the underlayment, roof deck, and attic. Hence, we remove all debris from the roof and keep the gutters and ventilation stacks clear of blockage.

3. Clean and Secure the Gutters

Simply clearing the dirt and gunk from the gutters won’t keep future debris away. Hence, your roofing contractor Findlay Ohio secures gutter guards and ensures that the drainage system is in working condition. We fix loose drainpipes and downspouts that can cause water to penetrate the siding or the foundation.

4. Clear Animal Nests

Another thing your roofing company Findlay Ohio emphasizes is to inspect the roof for rodent infestation and bird nests. Insects and animals can find food freely on the roof and dig, chew, or burrow and create a massive mess. Therefore, we thoroughly inspect the roof for nesting indications and remove them before they lay eggs or have babies and grow in number.

5. Inspect the Attic for Leaks

The top parts of the home, such as the roof and attic, can breathe or let air pass through ventilation stacks. If you see damp beams, excessive moisture, daylight intrusion, dark patches, dripping water, etc., we will be there to fix them right away. It prevents moss buildup and roof leaks.

6. Check for Buckling Shingles

If you detect shingles in the yard, it is essential to call your roofing company Findlay Ohio without delay. You can avoid this situation entirely by reaching out to use before spring arrives. We note any missing, loose, buckling, or damaged shingles and fix the issues on the spot.

7. Secure the Caulking and Flashing

Flashing, sealing, and caulking are the protective aspects that secure the roof seams around elements like chimneys and vents. If they become loose or come off, rainwater can enter the inner areas of your home. We replace the rotten and loose sealant, caulking, weatherstrips, and flashing to stop water from creeping under the roof materials.

8. Fix the Damaged Areas

Ice, snow, and hail damage can sometimes dislodge the gutters and anchors. Whether you have tiles, shingles, or other materials, they can go missing with heavy winds. We repair loose or broken components and install new ones in time for the following spring downpour.

9. Replace the Roof

Some circumstances can challenge even the best roofing company Findlay Ohio. For instance, if your original roofer used an improper installation technique, it doesn’t matter how many repairs it has; it will pose some issues. In such cases, we recommend replacing the roof with a sturdier structure after conducting a comprehensive roof assessment.

10. Review Your Warranty

Finally, we can help you work out the details with your insurer. We have a proven track record of assisting our customers with storm and hail damage coverage, provided you have valid insurance. Understand the warranty coverage and how to deal with insurance deductibles in the event of hailstorms.

Angies List - 2020 Super Service AwardGet in Touch With Roofing Experts at Roszman Roofing & Remodeling

If you live in Findlay or Hancock County, protect your property before the spring storm season begins. Your roofing company Findlay Ohio, Roszman Roofing & Remodeling, is just a phone call away. We have received the Angie’s List Super Service Award for multiple years in a row.

We work with rubber/TPO, metal, and asphalt shingle roofing systems for residential and commercial buildings.

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