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Heavy Hitter Roof Package

Heavy Hitter

When mother nature hits hard, our roofs can take the punishment! Our highly qualified professional roofing contractors will install this shingle that is engineered to hold up against the toughest environments and provides you peace of mind for years to come!


Heavy weight 250 LBS Per SQ


4 Star Warranty Included

Weather Rating

130 MPH Wind Warranty

Color Options

13 Hi-Def Color Options Available

Roofing Color Swatches

Max Def Espresso
Max Def Burnt Sienna
Max Def Burnt Sienna*
Max Def Colonial Slate
Max Def Colonial Slate*
Max Def Heather Blend
Max Def Heather Blend
Max Def Pewter
Max Def Pewter
Max Def Driftwood
Max Def Driftwood
Max Def Moire Black
Max Def Moiré Black
Max Def Shenandoa
Max Def Shenandoah
Max Def Resawn Sake
Max Def Resawn Shake*
Coastal Blue
Max Def Coastal Blue
Max Def Cobblestone Gray
Max Def Cobblestone Gray*
Max Def Georgetown Gray
Max Def Georgetown Gray*
Max Def Praire Wood
Max Def Praire Wood*
Max Def Weathered Wood
Max Def Weathered Wood
Max Def Red Oak
Max Def Red Oak
*Denotes limited availability ask sales rep for details