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Finding a trustworthy roofing contractor for your Ohio home renovation or roofing project is a tough job indeed.

In the past decade, you would probably hire a professional from the Yellow Pages. The modern-day variant, the internet, is full of information, but you don’t know if it is valid.

Furthermore, the online guides mention some warning signs to notice if you are dealing with a scammer. At the same time, you can see many signboards screaming to you on the streets pointing you to the best roofer in town.

As confusing as this is, it would be easier if you can get your hands on a sample checklist to narrow down your options.

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Roszman Checklist

Tips to Check the Legitimacy of Your Roofing Contractor

You can quickly determine if the contractor you wish to sign on is a professional roofer with these tips:

1. Local Presence

Nationwide, top-rated companies may be big on numbers and investment but lack the local touch. They may tie-up with local roofing contractors and establish franchises, but it is still equal to sub-contracting the work.

The crew gets paid not by the hour but on performance. Meaning, they do a rush job and finish quickly, making the work quality questionable.

In contrast, a local roofer comes from a mid-size, family-owned, owner-operated company that handles all the work by themselves. Moreover, they have strong contacts with the local suppliers and work in their customers’ best interest.

More importantly, their familiarity with the local climate makes them the ideal candidates for the job. For instance, Ohio roofing experts know how to fortify your roof and home to withstand extreme changes in weather conditions.

2.    Specialization

Consider phrases like “do-it-all” roofers or all types of roofing materials as red flags. For example, scammers, storm-chasers, and inexperienced roofers don’t usually go into a job’s specifics.

One professional cannot ace everything there is in their niche market. They may be able to do all sorts of roofing-related jobs but mastering every area may not be possible.

Find out who specializes in the work that you want – roof repair, inspection, installation, maintenance, re-roofing, upgrades, etc.

Besides, do some research about a particular roofing material you prefer and choose the contractor that uses it.

3.    Authentic Photos or Videos

Whether it is free pictures or stock photos, it is up for grabs on the web. Any roofing company can use the same or similar-looking photographs and videos to advertise their work.

So, when you go on the roofer’s official website, look for such gimmicks. If you have seen the stock photos before, you can suspect that they are passing off someone’s craftsmanship as their own.

Typically, legit roofing technicians educate their clients and prospective customers about various installation techniques they use. They validate the benefits of using a roofing material, why they install a specific type of product, and so on.

Besides, they regularly update their online resources in blogs, infographics, knowledge centers, forums, etc. This way, they can showcase their recent projects and roofing basics or roof maintenance tips for homeowners.

4.    Relevant References

When you are investing your money, the least you can do is to make thorough reference checks.

Ask for at least 3-5 references of both recently finished and past jobs. If they are unwilling to provide the same or hesitate and produce just one or two customers’ details, it is a sign that you should tread carefully.

When you have the details you asked for, make sure to have an open discussion with the references. Find out their satisfaction level, work quality, and if the roofer completed the job on time.

Better yet – drive out to their homes and see for yourself. You can also request your roofing professional if you can visit any ongoing project site.

That said, a lack of references doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is scamming you. Generally, roofers work for a company for several years, learn everything under the experts, and branch out to start their business. In such cases, check their experience.

5.    Qualifications and Experience

Roofing is an occupation that doesn’t need formal education but requires the contractor to get on-the-job experience.

However, to practice their craft, they need a valid license, which differs from state to state. Hence, check if your roofer has a current Ohio state roofing contractor license.

A state-level tradesman license is approved by the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB). But it is not mandatory for roofers. However, regulations exist at the local level.

Once again, picking a local-based business is crucial because they understand the building codes and comply with local ordinances.

During your homework, Google the company’s reviews through customer testimonials, complaints, and web forums. You can find out if the business is involved with any litigation.

6. Insurance

Most municipalities in Ohio also need commercial businesses to possess liability insurance. While most roofing companies claim to be trained, licensed, bonded, and insured, it is your responsibility to verify the evidence.

Therefore, request a copy of their certificate of insurance before you sign a contract with them. It will protect you from lawsuits that may arise at your site – e.g., if an insured employee sustains injuries. It also covers property damage during the project.

Likewise, being bonded means they have a surety bond that offers you financial protection. For instance, if the roofer fails to perform the agreed-upon task, you can receive compensation from the surety company or get the money back from your roofer.

Having said all the above, it is vital that you ask for the documents – don’t take it for granted if they confirm the details verbally.

Starting with the initial estimates, try to get everything in writing. These papers will support your claim if something goes wrong.

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Roszman Roofing & Remodeling, your trusted Northwest Ohio roofing company, checks all the above boxes. We are a local business specializing in residential roofing services.

With over three decades of experience catering to our Ohio customers’ roofing needs, we are well-versed in the local construction codes.

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