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When you live in an attractive neighborhood in Wood County, you want to make sure your home looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

However, the climate in Bowling Green is milder than most Northern Ohio regions, and due to Lake Erie’s location, it can cause considerable cloudiness in winter and humidity in summer.

Such changing conditions are detrimental to your roof health. When a simple re-patching of your roof may not suffice, getting a new roof is the best next thing. That’s when a dependable roofing company in Bowling Green, Ohio, can help.

Here’s how to tell if re-roofing is the right decision to make.

Roof Replacement Signs
Roof Replacement Signs

1.    Roof Leaks

You can detect a leaky roof in many ways. For one, moisture on the ceiling or water intrusion in the attic is easy to spot. Next, after rainfall or snowfall, inspect your attic for any serious leaks.

Again, give a once over to the gutters and check for ice dams after the snow melts. As water runs down, it freezes over the eaves and can get under the shingles.

If you find this issue early on, and the leak is limited to a specific portion of the roof, a repair job from your roofing company in Bowling Green, Ohio, may be enough.

However, if you see it later, the damage is already done, and you may need a re-roofing job.

2.    Daylight Intrusion

Another symptom is when you can see the sky from inside your home. Sunlight may be entering through the cracks in the roof, which means rain and hail can, too.

Perform an interior check in the attic by switching the lights on and off and looking at the roof. Incoming light indicates that there are holes or cracks in the roof.

Whether you need a partial roof repair or total replacement will depend on how much the roof is cracked.

3.    Damaged Shingles

In this Ohio rural heartland, most Bowling residents prefer shingle roofs, but they are prone to rot and decay. Discoloration, bending, distortions, and chipping of the shingles can decrease the roof strength.

With time and temperature, extremities, asphalt, and wooden shingles crack and buckle, changing their shape.

When they curl on the edges, they can easily dislodge themselves in high winds. So, the skilled crew at any established roofing company in Bowling Green, Ohio, will consider this a clear sign to replace them altogether and redo the roof.

4.    Debris in the Home

Even when your windows and doors remain closed, you keep seeing outside debris in your home. This may mean that the roof hosts some cracks through which air blows dirt and dust.

In particular, if branches, twigs, leaves, and other things appear around the home, it is a telltale sign that there are widespread shingle cracks.

In such a situation, replacing the roof is the wise thing to do. If you think that fixing the cracks will do, consider the fact that you are only delaying the inevitable, but meanwhile, more damage can happen.

For instance, wildlife and critters can take shelter in the attic and cause additional problems for you.

5.    Rotting Roof

Roof rot occurs in the form of broken or missing tiles or shingles, loose and decaying flashing, etc. If you have tar or cement as flashing components, it is better to replace them with metal. It is a longer-lasting and more durable solution.

Winters in Bowling Green are windy and freezing, and snow or rainfall can compromise the roof valleys.

The runoff will not flow into the gutter system and drain properly. Hence, not only your roof but also the foundation of the home will be in jeopardy. For this reason, your roofing company in Bowling Green, Ohio, can tell you that it is time for a new one.

6.    Missing Shingle Granules

Furthermore, you can check your gutter system and downspouts for missing shingle granules.

Old age, sunlight, wind, and rain break away the granules, which get washed down the drainpipes. If you identify this problem in time, you can avoid greater moisture damage to the roof and the underlayment.

But replacing individual granules is trickier than removing the entire thing and installing a new roof.

7.    Moss Growth

Spotting organic growth like moss, mold, or mildew on external walls or ceiling can indicate roof leaks. Black or green algae grow from spores carried with higher wind gusts that are common in Bowling.

Moss is a fuzzy green growth that is relatively harmless but can eat away at the wood, similar to algae, and cause dark streaks or stains.

Mold and mildew are slimy and powdery build-ups that occur in damp areas. Both can cause respiratory disorders with prolonged exposure.

Even a plumbing failure can cause condensation in the structure. Hence, get your roofing company in Bowling Green, Ohio, to inspect it and resolve the issue in time.

8.    Poor Insulation

Of late, you may be getting higher energy bills every winter, and you wonder why. If your energy expense remained the same as ever, the culprit might be your roof.

A roof’s insulating capabilities decrease over time. It starts to allow conditioned air to escape and outside air to enter the home seamlessly.

You can improve the home’s energy efficiency by replacing the existing roof with a sturdier material.

9.    Outdated Roof

No matter how your roof looks from the outside, its age is crucial in deciding if it goes or stays. If you have an older property, you know the age of the roof.

Generally speaking, a shingle roof may last around 30 years, whereas metal lasts longer, for about 50 years.

Either way, you can get your roofing company in Bowling Green, Ohio, to evaluate your roof for free.

10.     Shoddy Installation

It doesn’t take an industry expert to spot a shoddy job. You can detect a lousy crafted roof in one glance. For instance, if the shingles look ill-fitted, have an awkward appearance, or covered in patches, it means the previous roofer hasn’t done the work right. The same goes for multiple layers of roofing materials.

The roof is in poor shape and needs immediate replacement.

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